Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

*Please note* that by registering in Youth Point, you have agreed to unconditionally acceptance of the terms set out in this agreement. We receive the Applicant’s Personal & Educational information in order to by continuing to use our services if the applicant agrees to give permission for us to do so. If any of the information has been found to be false in the filled application form of Expert Talk, Youth Point reserves the right to terminate service for the concerned. We DO consult charge for Expert Talk registration. We seek charges to the applicant only to conduct the Expert Talk Counseling, not for Job Placement or some other purpose. The counseling would have been conducted either online or offline based on Youth Point’s or Counselor convenience. The counseling would be conducted by well-versed experienced or expert persons in the particular ground. The counseling charges include payment of staff handling, counselor service charge, online service, Internet and other miscellaneous expenses, and required information strategies provided at the counseling session. We won’t refund counseling fees at any cause for any reason and we have full rights to modify the terms and conditions depending upon the circumstances. The applicant should be aware that, the amount what they paid is only for counseling to gain knowledge, idea, and some experience from expert panel which they could move their career in the right path., particularly not for their Job. The counseling session would be nearly 30 to 45 Minutes. Within that time candidates can have a discussion about their career path, regarding company sectors, or other career doubts with full satisfaction, etc. While transferring the training fees in the account number of Youth Point, if any, technical issues occur, Youth Point would not responsible. The applicant has to ask or discuss all doubt with in time roof. The applicant is to behave themselves in a professional and appropriate manner at the time in a counseling session and the applicant must agree not to use any mind-affecting substances or disturbances to the trainer or counselor either directly or indirectly. The applicant must at all times and on all occasions dress in a manner that reasonably and properly identifies and reflects the professional standards of the services being performed by the Applicant. During the counselling, any network or technical issues occur on the web or if any of the applicants doing any negative attitudes or any negative conflicts arise between counsellor and students, the concerned applicant would be responsible. As a result of the circumstances, the youth point has the right to omit or stop servicing the applicant. In the name of Youth Point, if you lose any amount outside or to any other third parties, Youth Point would not responsible. We haven’t appointed any third parties / Freelancers/premises outside. If we appoint in the future, we will mention it on our official website. If candidates do any force or violence against Youth Point or with Youth Point employees, whether directly or indirectly, in the result of we would have taken serious legal action. The counseling date will be confirmed based on the counselor’s approval and the applicant acknowledgment. If a candidate fails to attend, we won’t schedule any further. We convey the counseling details in the mode of phone or mail communication to the applicants mentioning the Counselor name and other related information. We request the applicant, should follow the same. We will not ask the applicant to pay any amount to any consultancies or other than youth point counseling fees. While counseling, if any kind of negative conflicts to occur between counselor and the candidate, or dishonesty, rudeness, misconduct, breach of faith or wrongful disclosure of confidential information & Other mental disturbance action happens, Youth Point will never be accountable. If the applicant tries to reach Youth Point, if we are unable to attend the answer or delay, should not think any negative thought because maybe we were in a meeting or any other busy schedules or in holidays, etc., We revert back to you shortly once we see your calls or SMS or missed communication alerts. Whomsoever in the case of spreading any bogus or illegal or false information about Youth Point, we will file a defamation case against the concerned person. “In case of any disputes arise, the dispute of jurisdictions will be entertained only in Karur District, Tamilnadu, India”. Beyond the terms and conditions, if any violence occurs to Youth Point or to any employee of the Youth Point, the concerned person has to face legal action taken by Youth Point.Our website www.youthpoint.in where you can find the entire details about us.

We, Youth Point is an obvious organization engaged in offering complete Training, Career & Consultancy services like Job Placement, Educational Guidance & Business Plan since 2013.

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